Artificial Intelligence

Impact from AI

We use AI because it allows trading signals to be modelled without set limits and with the maximum impact.

Research and simulation

This key technology gives us the very best prerequisites for research and simulation.

New paths through intelligence

AI characterises the pioneering spirit we have for exploring uncharted territory.

Finding solutions for new problems

We anticipate and accept challenges for which the market does not yet have any solutions.

We and artificial intelligence

We operate in an extremely challenging environment. There are many things that influence the markets in which we trade. Every market player acts in accordance with their own valuations and preconceptions.

Thanks to the artificial intelligence we use in Trading, we have found an innovative way of cutting through ever greater complexities. Our technology expertise enables us to maintain a system landscape in which we can bring AI models effectively to bear. This is, of course, based on our data volumes, which make it possible for us to model whichever micro-structures are prevailing on the market at the time. Our algorithms learn – in the truest sense of the word – through detailed simulation techniques and scenarios.

Our trading research activities and their operational application in our trading algorithms are already closely linked to this key technology that will shape the future.

We invite you to join us in blazing this trail together.