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Driven by our vision of equal opportunities

As a global company, it is important to us not only to be commercially successful, but also to make a positive contribution. That is why we are delighted to have recently made a donation of €50,000 to the Peter Krämer Foundation. This donation has enabled us to build a new school in Madagascar.

Madagascar, an island of stunning beauty and rich culture, is also a place where many children do not have adequate access to education. Through our donation, we were able to make a small contribution to tackling this inequality and creating new hope for the children of Madagascar.

We are driven by our vision of equality and believe that education is the key to changing the world. By building a school in Madagascar, we are setting a milestone towards a better future for these children. We believe that education not only improves the individual lives of children, but also transforms communities and ultimately society as a whole.

Construction of the school

The land on which the school was to be built was first prepared for development by a local construction company. This proved to be more difficult than expected as the vegetation on the old site was dense and bulky. Once the foundations were finally laid, the classroom walls were built. All was completed within 4 weeks.

In 2017, Madagascar faced a serious plague outbreak. It was not until the fourth quarter of the year that schools were able to reopen nationally. By this time, the construction of “our” school was already half complete.

The rest of the project also presented challenges. For example, a bridge connecting the main road to the school grounds had to be repaired. The construction material was simply too heavy for the old bridge.
So the bridge had to be repaired first before the school could be built. Motivated helpers quickly solved the problem. The school was finally opened in February 2018.

Looking to the future

When we look into the shining faces of the children of Madagascar, we don’t just see the present. We also see the future. We see doctors, teachers, engineers, artists and leaders ready to change the world and make a positive difference in their communities. And we are proud to have played a small part in making those dreams a reality.

Our investment in the education of children in Madagascar is more than just a donation – it’s a commitment to a better future for all. We are grateful for the opportunity to be part of this wonderful project. We will continue to work to make the world a better place for everyone.

Together we can achieve great things. May the new school in Madagascar be a place of hope, learning and growth. A place that gives generations of children the chance of a better future.

Let us look to the future with optimism and a shared vision that equal opportunities can only be achieved through education. When we invest in children, we invest in the future.

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Photo credits (f.a.): Ban Yido / Unsplash; UNICEF Madagaskar

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Reto Gregory Petersen

Managing Director - SSW Group

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Talent & Performance Management - SSW Holding GmbH

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