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Market Maker: Your reliable partner for the stock exchange

Have you ever been in a situation where you bought shares but found it difficult to sell them? Perhaps there have been sudden changes in the market, the price of your shares has fallen and you would like to get rid of them. Unfortunately, there is no one willing to buy them from you. That was yesterday. Thanks to market makers like us, you always have a reliable trading partner who will buy your shares at a fair price.

Trusted and with a global presence

Our commitment to being close to the market means that we now have a presence in over 30 trading centres around the world. This not only builds confidence in the markets, but also enables us to meet the supply and demand needs of market participants. For everyone – whether retiree, family or business. With speed, reliability, automation and an intelligent approach, we help investors buy and sell when other market participants cannot. This gives investors the peace of mind that they will always find a suitable trading partner in the market – market makers like us.

Expertise in the use of technology

We continually invest in technology and algorithms to optimise this service. This investment enables us to connect directly to various trading centres, ensuring fast, efficient and stable global trading. Our ongoing analysis and technological innovation helps us to respond to ever-changing market conditions and achieve the best possible results.

Focusing on risk management and liquidity

A key aspect of our trading is risk management, which is a top priority. As a market maker, we trade only in our own equity, which minimises conflicts of interest and focuses on creating liquid markets.

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