Clear systematic approach

Our procedures and the confidence we have in what we do are founded on a clear systematic approach that perfectly models our strengths.

Data-based decisions

We take decisions based solely on quantitative analyses and precisely tailored modelling.

Complex, but under control

We penetrate complex situations in breathtaking speed and quantity, but without any loss of control.

Competitive edge through focusing

Our clear goals and the precise focus on what matters are what give us a competitive edge.

We and automation

Our Trading Operations teams has everything that a modern, fully automated trading desk needs – and a whole lot more besides, because middle office and controlling activities are also part of the team. Embedded in an effective risk controlling landscape, our staff take responsibility for daily trading performance.

This procedure has proven its worth time and again over the years and reflects the very highest degree of professionalism. The benefits of an automated approach are not confined to the trading teams, though: we utilise them everywhere. It is not difficult to understand why that automation enables our analytics and research teams to focus solely on their area of expertise.

We follow that same aspiration in our software development strategy, too. But we also want to empower our risk and corporate controlling, administration and project control teams in the same way. The aim is always to utilise the human factor wherever it offers added value – and eliminate it everywhere else. SSW’s management has taken a conscious decision to constantly introduce resources that enable opportunities to be realised through digitalisation and automation.

We invite you to join us in blazing this trail together.

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