We and big data

Several million trading decisions a day are one thing. But it needs a hundred times more data points if we are to commit to these decisions. That’s precisely the challenge we face – and it’s one we have certainly been rising to over the last few years. Data form the basis for all our decisions.

To meet this aspiration, we have equipped ourselves with the means to record, store, process and work efficiently with billions of data points. Our trading and technology teams have created a system landscape that makes all this possible. It is one of our core areas of expertise that we can not only perform quantitative analyses retrospectively, but also exploit the contexts found in the data live in intra-day trading through our algorithms.

This delivers a successful, rational procedure for every market situation, giving us the greatest possible degree of objectivity. And it’s precisely for these reasons that our methods do not deviate from this standard when it comes to risk, controlling and compliance.

We invite you to join us in blazing this trail together.