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Clear systematic approach

Our procedures and the confidence we have in what we do are founded on a clear systematic approach that perfectly models our strengths.

Data-based decisions

We take decisions based solely on quantitative analyses and precisely tailored modelling.

Handling lots of data

We are experts in handling countless data flows and points both in real time and on a historic view.

Incessant examination

We never stop finding everything in the data that we want to see.

New thinking

As they say, “Think out of the box!”

Innovation in everyday life

We realise innovation through modelling and simulation as a daily process.

More than one

We embody a #morethanone philosophy through mutual enrichment.

Broad-based through knowledge

Our broad specialist expertise across a range of fields enables us to participate in progress.

Impact from AI

We use AI because it allows trading signals to be modelled without set limits and with the maximum impact.

Research and simulation

This key technology gives us the very best prerequisites for research and simulation.

Sustainable growth

We achieve impressive KPIs that ensure our sustainable growth.

Targeted work

We are extremely efficient at applying the triad of knowledge, skill and technology on the global capital markets in a targeted manner.

SSW as enablers

We see ourselves as enablers, driving innovation and encouraging every single person to be part of the solution.

Passion & dynamism

We create a project world tailored to our needs that fosters passion and dynamism in the technology environment of an internationally active market player.

A passion for trading

We have a passion for trading, interacting directly with sentiment on the global capital markets and prevailing volatilities.

Risk management

We exploit opportunities quickly, fervently and resolutely within the framework of fully automated risk management.

Trading Operations


Complex, but under control

We penetrate complex situations in breathtaking speed and quantity, but without any loss of control.

Competitive edge through focusing

Our clear goals and the precise focus on what matters are what give us a competitive edge.

Modern & digital

We use the very latest digital technologies for both handling the data volumes and visualising them.

Science as a foundation

We are living a dream: applying scientific methods to achieve real success in short time cycles.

We create sparks

We live out cross-functional, bottom-up creativity and deploy our full strength and resources to create a spark and light fires.

Driven by efficiency

What drives us is mastering complexity with pragmatic intelligence.

Effectiveness through questioning

We are committed to thinking ahead and asking questions in order to ensure the most effective information management for all teams.

Authority through expertise

With us, authority comes through expertise, not the other way round.

New paths through intelligence

AI characterises the pioneering spirit we have for exploring uncharted territory.

Finding solutions for new problems

We anticipate and accept challenges for which the market does not yet have any solutions.

Shared values

We all embody an unmistakeable corporate culture that is founded on trust, initiative, shared values and a sense of responsibility.


We have confidence in ourselves and accept every challenge.

State of the art

Our actions are state of the art, putting people front and centre.

Constant development

Our technology creates win-win situations and helps us fulfil our commitment to constant development.

Teamwork + software

We overcome the new challenges that we face every day with cross-functional teamwork and customised software solutions.

Close to where it’s at

We are directly involved in world events on a daily basis, achieving success through passion and professionalism.
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Christine – Quantitative Trader

What do you do as a quantitative trader and what does everyday life look like at SSW? What do you do as a quantitative trader and what does everyday life look like at SSW?

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The end of your school career is ahead of you or already a few years ago? Do you want to embark on your first, second or third educational path in a future-oriented company? No matter where you are, SSW stands for equal opportunities and if you are passionate and ambitious, you will find your dual training here! Fast track included: shortening rate 75%

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“We are always on the lookout for talented and motived people who have a passion for trading.”

— Dr. Reto Gregory-Petersen, Managing Director —

Here’s what makes SSW different

The people who work for us are clever and motivated

We are global players in the capital market

We share our successes together, and we learn from our mistakes

Short decision paths allow a high degree of flexibility and dynamism

SSW is there when others need help

Sustainability is very close to our hearts

Here’s what we offer at SSW

flexible working hours

30 days holiday

Breakfast and lunch for free

home office

public transport subsidy

job bike

Urban Sports Club membership

Individual training

Team and company events

foreign language courses

Games, table football, pool, etc.

Health management & access to medical support

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We will invite you again if the first round was convincing for both sides. Our second interview will take a maximum of 90 – 120 minutes. Someone from our recruiting team will take part, as well as one or two colleagues from the department and the team leader you already know from the first interview, as well as the department head, if applicable. We would be happy to invite you to an on-site interview so that you can get a personal impression of the team and SSW.

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If the final round was also convincing for you and us, we would be very happy to have you join us. We will make you an attractive offer and after you have signed it, you can get started. Welcome to SSW!

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