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Zwei Trader überwachen die Algorithmen

Prop Trading with smart algorithms

The SSW Group consists of the structures developed since 2004 for executing proprietary trading in the equity, ETP and bond asset classes.

SSW Holding was founded in 2019. As an umbrella company, it holds shares in (currently) four legally independent entities with different business purposes.

SSW-Trading provides global liquidity through proprietary trading under BaFin licence. Taking a quantitative approach founded on big data and AI in a fully automated environment, SSW-Trading trades in the equity, ETP, bond and fixed-interest securities asset classes. Further information can be found at www.ssw-trading.com

SSW Energy Trading is a proprietary trading firm that concentrates on transactions with energy products on the spot market. The company follows quantitative approaches with AI in a fully automated environment.

SSW Alpha Rock is an Experienced Investor Fund that was founded and is managed in Gibraltar. The fund is licensed by the GFSC and concentrates on digital assets through the use of algorithm-based trading strategies.

CryptoStruct is a software development company that offers infrastructure and market data solutions for the trade in digital assets. Further information can be found at www.cryptostruct.com

That binds us together as a team

Wir erkennen die Leistung unserer Kolleg:innen an
Zwei Trader stehen an einem höhenverstellbaren Schreibtisch, auf dem 8 Monitore montiert sind und überwachen den Handel
ein Mann lacht seinen Kollegen an


Do I treat my colleagues the way I want to be treated?

We respect each other and trust that everyone acts their best.

Personal Responsibility

Can I take action by myself to improve the given situation?

We are committed to always give our best as trusted members of our team.

Added-value Focus

Do my actions enhance SSW Excellence and would I repeat them?

We strive to continually improve SSW Excellence by questioning existing limits.

Driven by Competence

Do I really know all facts and arguments or am I guessing?

We make decisions based on facts and logic and not on assumptions or emotions.


Am I a good partner for my colleagues?

We motivate each other and give more than we take.


Am I aware of the value of my contribution?

We are proud of our performance in a complex and dynamic environment.

Ecological Awareness

Do I only use the resources I really need?

We are environmentally responsible and do not waste resources.