Sustainable growth

We achieve impressive KPIs that ensure our sustainable growth.

Targeted work

We are extremely efficient at applying the triad of knowledge, skill and technology on the global capital markets in a targeted manner.

Shared values

We all embody an unmistakeable corporate culture that is founded on trust, initiative, shared values and a sense of responsibility.


We have confidence in ourselves and accept every challenge.

We and performance

Professional proprietary trading based on software solutions developed in-house demands a high level of commitment. We demonstrate this mainly through our passion for overcoming new challenges time and again.

The market constantly gives us direct feedback about our activities, which is why we know exactly what we are capable of. This not only comprises trading statistics, but is also documented through many other key performance indicators, such as those from our technology landscape. These both let us know when we have made progress and establish a very professional performance standard.

Our teams operate in this environment with mutual esteem and support at all times. We commit ourselves only to a common, transparent objective to which everyone contributes through their activities. This togetherness, coupled with our corporate values, produces the performance capability that has enabled us to be competitive for years.

We invite you to join us in blazing this trail together.