Trading Operations

A passion for trading

We have a passion for trading, interacting directly with sentiment on the global capital markets and prevailing volatilities.

Risk management

We exploit opportunities quickly, fervently and resolutely within the framework of fully automated risk management.

Teamwork + software

We overcome the new challenges that we face every day with cross-functional teamwork and customised software solutions.

Close to where it’s at

We are directly involved in world events on a daily basis, achieving success through passion and professionalism.

Zwei Trader überwachen die Algorithmen

We and trading operations

We take millions of trading decisions every day just in the equity trading and exchange traded product (ETP) sectors alone. These include exchange traded funds (ETFs), for instance, but we also trade in crypto assets and energy assets as well. All of these trades, of course, can only be executed and monitored if they are fully automated.

We have conducted highly professional proprietary trading for years, so we have developed a mature systematic approach. Our specialist trading teams work alongside our in-house IT experts to deliver trading success on a daily basis. This setup is constantly enriched through our quantitative analysis activities and the responsibility embodied by our product groups, which devote themselves explicitly to the further development of individual components of our architecture.

This approach enables us to overcome one of the most complex challenges on the international markets. We are structured in such a way that we can continue to focus on expansion and integrate new potential.

We invite you to join us in blazing this trail together.

One employer – countless opportunities

Our success is all down to our employees. Our success is all down to our employees We look for candidates who share our passion for finance and technology. In return, we offer a unique corporate culture and many opportunities for development in our areas of expertise.

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