We and innovation

We asked ourselves how we could best not only demand innovation, but also drive it. It is obvious that this is where the great potential of our human resources lies. To enable us to exploit the unique added value of every single individual, we very deliberately insist on a top-down approach as well as a communication and decision structure that not only entails bottom-up responsibilities, but especially also encourages and explicitly calls for initiative by all specialist teams.

This is achieved primarily using agile methods that lend themselves supremely well to the generation of creativity and innovative strength. All teams are involved in this, all can push their responsibilities and take responsibility in the best possible way. We sometimes ask ourselves whether we are not actually overdoing it, since this enables us to generate a high thematic momentum that constantly highlights new potential.

But we also know that we need this, we want this, and we would be worried if things were to go quiet here. Our innovative strength is something else that gives us a competitive edge. We create the space to leverage this strength and challenge ourselves to also realise the potential. Innovation is and has always been the driver of our company.

We invite you to join us in blazing this trail together.