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SSW as enablers

We see ourselves as enablers, driving innovation and encouraging every single person to be part of the solution.

Passion & dynamism

We create a project world tailored to our needs that fosters passion and dynamism in the technology environment of an internationally active market player.

State of the art

Our actions are state of the art, putting people front and centre.

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Constant development

Our technology creates win-win situations and helps us fulfil our commitment to constant development.

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We and technology

We use technology to empower our people to perform at their best. Our needs and our determination to focus our human resources on their added value drive our technological progress.

We ensure the fit of our technology solutions by transparently defining responsibilities for product and domain groups. Through a highly flexible allocation of resources, our technology team achieves an impressive diversity of solutions, which shapes our entire approach and makes it effective. We are equally innovative with the technologies themselves and follow developments in this field very closely.

It is a matter of being able to master the most modern solutions when needed. Only in this way can we ensure that we remain competitive. Technology is a companion for every employee in our daily work. It must enable our activities and must not hinder anything or anyone.

We invite you to join us in blazing this trail together.